eTac Automation

Building Competitive Advantage

Built on years of experience implementing automation projects with our long-standing clients, our self-automation tools are simple to use. Intuitive design and advanced functionalities – no matter what your level of technical knowledge is. That’s something we are proud of.


eTac Automation

As automation experts, we understand that automation isn’t always an A→B problem. We designed eTac Cloud with that in mind, and now our expertise is in your hands allowing you to automate processes you never thought were possible.

Anyone can harness the power of business process automation.

Built for all levels of users 

Effortlessly automate just about anything

Suitable for users of any and all skill level to create powerful automation
Simple way to automate outdated legacy applications or websites 
Intuitive drag-and-drop automation builder for Windows applications, websites, and just about anything else – no coding required
Integrate native Windows automation, computer vision, web automation and our built-in industry-leading OCR in a single project
Advanced capabilities for seasoned developers to make complex programming concepts simple while still being incredibly powerful – from logic to loops, variables to functions and everything in between
Comprehensive automation including native Windows automation, native web automation, advanced automation using computer vision – or, most importantly, a combination of all three
On-the-fly testing to see instant results and make improvements without skipping a beat
Flexible use-cases: pulling data instantly from eTac Cloud, connecting to a database, or scraping data from Outlook

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Application Use Cases

Hotel Openings

Hotel conversions are complex processes touching many different departments. Speed to market time is critical. Using our proprietary automation tool the reservation conversion process has been streamlined and sped up multiple fold enabling multi-thousand room hotels to convert their reservations within a week.

Lead Routing

We understand that it’s critical to the success of any organization to get business leads into the hands of the right people internally. We set up a string of complex rules that enables the successful forwarding of 20,000+ emails every month based on information available in email body and attachment.

Rate Shopping and Auditing

Rates can differ across third party sites. Our automation software allowed for daily audits instead of weekly audits. Discrepancies are flagged while comparing to central reservation data. Where incorrect rates are loaded hotels are sent a notification allowing them to fix the discrepancy faster.

Mass Data Updates

There are times when broad business changes dictate mass updates of fundamental core data. And automation comes with a very low error margin. We have been fulfilling the biggest mass data update for our client since their existent. All within next to 0% error margin.